Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why We Need to Get Over Public Nudity

Here's an excerpt from my most recent iVillage Canada column.

Last weekend I was quoted in an article for the Globe and Mail titled, “Why I have ‘tude about being nude”. The author sourced me as someone with an opinion about the change in the nudity at Body Blitz spa, a women’s only water spa in Toronto. I’ve been going there on and off since 2005, but when I visited the spa a few weeks ago, I noticed a sharp decrease in the number of people who went nude. Nudity used to be the norm at Body Blitz.

After reading some of the 370 comments online and hearing all the discussion that ensued within my own community, I’ve accepted that everyone has their own theory about the current attitude about nudity. I think it's more of a Malcolm Gladwell "Tipping Point" phenomenon, so many things are coming together to change a cultural norm.

Read more to find out what major factors I believe have contributed to issues with being nude at an all women's spa. Plus I even provide some tips for easing into going in the buff.

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