Monday, October 18, 2010

A Headlight Hottie who shines

I got an email today that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes I wonder if I'm headed in the right direction, if I'm making the right choices about my work/life to ensure I'm aligned with what's most important to me. One of the women who has been a part of Urban Warrior group training for quite a while now sent me this email below. What a gift she sent my way.
It was like a sign post saying "Keep going forward". Her insights are truly valuable and her ability to reflect are so evolved.

Here's what she said.

Hey Jane -

I've been meaning to tell you something. In one of our classes a couples weeks back, you were talking about your Breast Cancer survival client who came to class before her chemo treatment. You were talking about how inspiring and how dedicated they all are, and how they inspire you.

You made me think. I started thinking about how I have felt really crappy about my body over the last few years (actually for majority of my life) and how it is a struggle for me to get to the gym some days, yet I am perfectly healthy individual. Yet, these women are going through one of the most challenging and life altering events in their lifetime - the difference between life and death - and they manage to get themselves to your class. For a few minutes, I kind of felt ashamed of ever uttering one word of complaint. Then, I started thinking about it further.

I felt so strongly about that class, your comments, these women, my mom (even though her's is another form of cancer), women around me and women that I don't even know ... I thought about, for the first time in my life, my body is actually a healthy shell. I've always viewed myself as unhealthy, fat, overweight, etc. For the first time I realized something, I was one of the lucky ones to have a healthy & operating vessel. That struck me to the core ... it was a new way of looking at things.

I went into work the next day and emailed my good friends. We started a team for the Weekend To End Women's Cancer next September 10th and 11th. We are called "The Headlight Hotties". We've just started, but I'm looking forward to the challenge but most importantly, I feel like I've already won. I have a new way of thinking.

For that, I wanted to thank you.

And now my thanks go to you for your generosity in spirit for passing that along. Thanks for shining your hot headlights on my day.

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