Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jamie Piekarz and We're Ghana Rock 2 Fundraiser

She's just one of those women who has got the IT factor. She connects with people easily, has a great sense of humor and when she decides she's going to make something happen you better get out of her way.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their lives should thank their lucky stars.

Here's an outreach message from her regarding a very inspiring project she's been involved with for some time now. Check it out.

Hi Friends,

Every year I travel to an underserved region and do something to try to help out. This winter I'll be going to Ghana with a group of women from Canada. Our goal is to raise enough money to build a school (about $17,000) in a rural village. The way it works, is that we, the volunteers, collect money for the supplies and tools necessary for construction, and the villagers use them to build the school themselves. While we are there, we will build the latrine for the school and community and work in local orphanages. I am asking for you help with building this school.


Attend our fund raising concert "We're Ghana Rock 2"

When: Wednesday January 26th (doors open at 6 pm
Where: Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West
Tickets: $20 I have some let me know (get them now they're going fast!)

Mike Northcott's "Banned from Heaven" will be playing so get ready to dance!



Thanks so much. Your help will make a difference.

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