Monday, May 16, 2011

Crunch Free Core Workout

Here is a link to the latest article I wrote for iVillage Canada and a little teaser...

My seven year old has been the photographer for my articles. She's has quite the eye ;)

As a teenager in the late 80s I was doing very high impact classes and I remember doing crunches endlessly. Twenty years later, core training has evolved, and I want to catch you all up on why crunches are a thing of the past. (read more)

In addition to what was discussed about proper core training in my article, I have to say one of the best ways to measure a personal trainer's expertise in dealing with back injuries/issues is whether or not s/he has someone doing crunches. I have fixed many backs. Even today, one of my clients who couldn't even get up and down off the ground or pick up her kids due to back problems came in today and reported she could sit for a full hour meditation without pain. If you experience lower back pain while exercising, don't ignore it. It's your body telling you something isn't right.

Enjoy the article!!!!

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