Friday, May 27, 2011

Recipe for Metabolism Repair

If I had to choose one word that would summarize my approach to repairing and kick-starting my clients' metabolisms it would be CONSISTENCY.

If you've ever been a person trapped in the weight loss weight gain trap or the exercise on and off wagon, a major cause of a sluggish metabolism is in the fact your body has been shocked too many times out of it's optimal rhythms and can't predict what's coming.

So here's what you can start doing now to repair your metabolism and start stabilizing your weight:

1) Pay attention to your sleep issues and start getting help to improve your
bio-rhythms. Start to create some routine around your sleep habits if you
don't have them. Focus on trying to create as much routine around eating times as well.

2) Focus on strength training to build lean body mass and your ability to
metabolize sugars instead of store them. Muscle fibres needs glycogen (i.e. sugars) to survive so more gets stored in lean tissue then gets stored as

3) Start your day with protein and ensure you have at least 20 grams of
protein at every meal. This will help to level off sugar peeks and big

4) Make sure you include lots of fibre in the form of veggies to slow down
digestion and make meals last longer.

5) If you're a binge eater in any way, this is going to continually mess up
your metabolism. Start looking at your food addiction issues and try to
level off your extremes wherever possible. Instead of a week of binging try
to limit the amount of time you go off the rails.

6) Stop the cardio overeating cycle. If you find you're turning to cardio
as a way to work off yesterday's food guilt, you are not actually working
towards balance. You will never catch up but instead get stuck in a nasty
cycle of guilt and self punishment.

It takes time and many months of consistently trying to tackle the six
things above. But these things are really the only way you're going to kick
start your metabolism and start leveling off your yo-yo-ing.

Hang tough.

Focus on little improvements over the long term and one day you'll wake up
in a smaller pant size and have to go spend loads of cash on a gorgeous new
wardrobe and maybe even a skimpy bikini!

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