Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First step in weightloss - get rid of the shit

Today I saw a client who said "I know I haven't lost that much weight but I feel lighter inside." We started talking about how she felt about what's she's experiencing and it became clear to me that the work we were doing together was helping her get unstuck. When she came to me a month ago, it was clear to me she had lost her MOJO, her sense of vitality. She's in her mid 50s and she works hard as an accountant. Her career has taken front stage in her life for many years while she single handedly raised her two daughters. She told me that she had to make sure her daughters knew she could handle anything like a super hero single mama. They've both left home and now she was spending more time alone with herself. She wanted to feel better like most of us would like to feel in some way shape or form.

Although she hasn't been attuned to the energy in her body, she knew it was time to make a permanent change. She's spent much of her life on yoyo diets gaining up to 40 lbs a year and then successfully losing weight only to put it back on again. She sought me out because she wanted to find a way to stop this cycle.

It is true that 80% of weight loss is about what you put in your mouth. And it is also true that diets will work if followed to a T. Another truth? Most people who struggle with weight use food for comfort or as a way to stuff emotions down. Eating is a joyous experience in many ways when approached with a healthy attitude towards what we put in our mouth. Sometimes approaching a change like weight loss can leave us feeling stuck. The normal go to strategy is an extreme and short lived change. My approach in working with people is to stop a life long cycle that leaves people feeling like they have failed themselves when they gain the weight back.

What I love seeing in my clients is the life and hope back in their eyes. It's like an awakening when people start moving in a way that is personally designed to give their bodies just what it needs, starting where they are and respecting the change process that needs to evolve in a individual way for them.

My assessment of Sarah's experience feeling lighter? We have effectively moved dense dark energy out of her body and helped remove energetic blockages she has stored up over time from the cycle she has been stuck in. I've been practicing Reiki with her, using fascial stretch therapy and some myofascial release to work on her scar tissue catalogued into her body due to stress and repressed emotions in addition to working her butt off having fun and sweating her 'shit' out. It's so much more than just working out and watching what you eat if you want to make lasting change and feel more present in our lives. We've got to get the blocks out of our bodies both energetically and in our tissues.

She has changed her negative self talk and instead replaced it with a patient voice that tells her it's ok not to get this process 'right' every moment of every day. She has learned to look at her weightloss in a different way and sees this current experience as the start of something new, something healing and something very permanent. There is no finish line in her mind any more. But instead she sees this as a new way of approaching healing her past dieting experiencing with increased awareness, self compassion and self love.

Today is the kind of day that makes me feel so grateful to be doing what I'm doing. Feeling vital again does leave us with a feeling of being lighter, more buoyant and hopeful. It's taken me years of doing what I do and years of working with my own energy to really 'get it'. I know I have more to learn and always will!

My advice to anyone who's been stuck on the yoyo weight gain weight loss cycle? Try a different approach that focuses on healing your relationship with food and with your body but also taking a closer look at what role coping mechanisms have played in your life and that you probably don't need them the way you did in the past.

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