Wednesday, March 30, 2011

COMPLAINT FREE DAY - Monday April 4th

When I got back from Berlin last week and was welcomed by the snow storm, I was not at all happy about it. Everyone around me heard about how freakin' cold it was for days. Many of us of were right pissed off about the delay of Spring although yesterday and today have brought some hope!

Last night I was having dinner with Victoria and she was telling me about a mutual friend who got a very interesting assignment from her therapist - DON'T COMPLAIN FOR AN ENTIRE DAY. Our friend was very surprised by how difficult it was but was also inspired to continue working on limiting her complaining after the exercise. Apparently, it had a major impact.

I was thinking about it. I had just come back from an amazing travel experience and just started bitching about the weather instead of focusing on exercising my gratitude muscles more. I was and am grateful for the opportunity to get away but I really should have just zipped the complaining altogether. I see clients with cancer and other serious disease. Why waste my life complaining about weather, something totally out of my control.

Surely, the mere activity of complaining must set off negative reactions in my brain and body. Maybe a well worn path like complaining needs a dramatic action to shut it down. We truly can rewire our brains just like we can change our bodies, through mindfulness, effort and intention. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that expressing negative emotions = complaining. I am by no means saying to stuff the shit deep down in our beings. I'm just saying that if there is one area in your life you find yourself constantly being pissed off about, why not decide to stop feeding it with more crappy feelings. It could be an annoying work mate, neighbor, or ex-spouse that you are letting suck up your vital energy. Or maybe it's feeling stuck in a job or a house. Inevitably, we are going to only make things worse if we don't turn our attention to creating hope, taking action and refocusing on what we should be grateful for.

So I'm going to put my money where my mouth is. I'm going to designate Monday April 4th as a COMPLAINT FREE DAY for me and invite you to join me. From the minute I open my eyes to the minute I go to sleep.

For every complaint I 'accidentally' make, I'm going to donate $5 to the Food Bank. The people needing those services have something to complain about, like poverty and malnutrition.

I will report back, honestly, and let you know how it went and how much money I owe.

If you're going to join me, let me know! Email me at or post something below.

Let's see how hard this might be and let's do it together!


  1. I am in! Are we allowed to complain in our heads??? I guess not...yikes I am gonna be broke!

  2. I think the ones in our heads should be allowed. It takes super human power not to let them get to our lips and we deserve some credit for that feat.