Monday, November 21, 2011

Can you vibrate your way to better bone density?

There's been much debate about the benefits of vibration plate machines for bone density. For me, anything that doesn't require a little sweat and hard work seems too good to be true. I see many women with osteoporosis or osteopenia so I stay on top of research. Yes, there's been some studies to say that vibration machines will improve bone density but I was always skeptical.

The Globe and Mail reported on this most recent study that I'm vibing well with. ;)

But now a new Canadian study, published this week in Annals of Internal Medicine, has cast doubt over the burgeoning field of whole-body vibration. A trial of 202 postmenopausal women failed to show the device could build bone density. Some of the women were asked to stand on the platform for 20 minutes daily at home for 12 months. Other participants served as a control group. Bone density tests were taken at the beginning and end of the trial.

“To our disappointment, we did not find an effect from vibration therapy in these post-menopausal women,” said the senior researcher Angela Cheung, director of the osteoporosis program at the University Health Network in Toronto.

So there ya go. But you have to ask yourself, if you're looking for something that passively improves your health, then maybe you're just passive about your health in general.


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