Saturday, November 17, 2012

Repairing holes in our containers

As we mature emotionally, train to build Chi, and learn to listen to our inner most truths, we can strengthen our containers, that is, our ability to handle a lot of different stuff in a centered and healthy way.

But there are times when anyone can feel like they are leaking out energy. Little things that normally wouldn't annoy us affect us more. We can find there are days we are more emotionally reactive and then create more suffering for ourselves as a result. It's like we have a hole in our container. Our ability to hold and deal with all the things life throws at us feels impaired.

I see many clients on days like this, when they are just trying to get through the day, get everything they need to get done done and are like raw nerves.

We are energetically depleted on these days and need to find some immediate tools for repairing our containers so we don't make things that might be hard even harder. But should we exercise on these days?


But instead of working out in a traditional way, we need to use movement like medicine to repair the leak in our energetic field and for those of you who don't buy into this energy stuff, you can look at it as getting back into physical and emotional balance.

When we feel more vulnerable, exercise or movement that leaves us more depleted creates more leakage and less balance.

My advice to help repair?

Start your workout with joint mobility exercises that let you feel where you might be unusually tight particularly in the upper body shoulder neck area. Use this time to bring your breath down into your belly and start tuning in to your being with deep breathing.

Pick a first exercise that forces you to balance and centre your energy. BOSU standing exercises, yoga balance postures, anything that forces you to come into the present and find your balance. If you can't find your balance when you normally can even after trying for a few minutes, then you should do a more restorative workout for that day. Take it easy. Work on core, postural, prehab, rehab exercises.

If you can easily find your balance, then standing full body compound exercises that require keen concentration and coordination are a great way to build chi and balance your energy. For example, walking lunges with overhead press, reverse lunges with a wood chop, cable rotational exercises, single leg deadlifts. You get the drift.

Whatever you choose to do, you should observe your energy while working out. If you feel a lightness and buoyant feeling overcoming you, you're on the right track! If you feel more exhausted and spaced out, then ease up and come back to your breathing, get yourself grounded again.

Finish your workout with your go-to restorative things like rolling, stretching etc. and then maybe try a 3 minute grounding meditation. Sit cross legged or in a chair and place your hands face down on your legs. Feel yourself sinking into the earth, feel gravity holding you there. For a few minutes, just feel your connection to earth.

So when you feel you have a leaky container, movement can be the best medicine for repairing a leak. But don't do exercise that allows you to tune out or turn your brain off. No auto-pilot exercise.

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