Friday, December 28, 2012

5 Simple ways to cleanse negative energy in 5 minutes

Post holiday functions with family can leave us feeling a little discombobulated. Maybe memories arise on a cellular level and we are left remembering things we thought we had let go of.

Or maybe the holidays brought change like a break up and partner moved out of a joint home.

Or maybe you want to leave behind many things in 2012 that were tough and transition into 2013 feeling lighter.

Simple rituals can be an excellent way to set a clear intention with ourselves and the universe that we intend to shed things we don't need anymore or to remove memories or energies from our home or work environments.

Whether any of the things I'm suggesting work in any real way is irrelevant. The intention and desire we put behind our behaviours are what is truly important. By taking time to engage in a structured activity that sets our intentions in motions helps convince us that our intentions will be the truth.

Burning Sage:

Often times people walk into Urbanfitt wondering if someone has been smoking herb but, in fact, it's just the smell of burnt sage. Sage is my go to cleansing tool for work and home. As I burn it I got through all corners of my space and hold positive energy and thoughts in my mind and heart. You can buy sage sticks or loose sage at most health food stores! I love it's earthy smell!

Singing Bowl:

My partner just bought me a stunning singing bowl for Christmas. I've used it at the beginning or end of a meditation or at the end of a training or Reiki session with clients in the past few days and love how the purity of the sound resonates through my own body. When I've used it at home, I feel like the vibration of the sound is kind of like a reboot for the space as well. Not to mention the beauty of the sound making me feel so at peace in the moment.

Crank Hard Core Music

A Shiatsu therapist shared this technique with me. If you just crank heavy metal hard core music, the sound will shake the energy up in a space. Again, like a reboot with sound waves but a bit more aggressive than a singing bowl! I like Rage Against the Machine for this! Add a little crazy dancing around and you have a space filled with new energy! And you have a little fun and get your heart rate up too :)

Repressed Anger workout

Sometimes we are the thing carrying negative energy around. Check out my blog post "Exercising Anger Out of the Body". Taking a slam ball or a set of heavy ropes and pounding them can help release negative energy into the earth and help you let it out of the body!

Epsom salts bath

We can unconsciously absorb other people's shit without even knowing we did until a moment of stillness and we wonder why we aren't feeling that great after spending time with someone. A great way to cleanse toxicity that we hold onto physically on a cellular level in our tissues is the good old Epsom salts bath. Although this isn't my cleansing method of choice, many people swear by this technique and even just 5 minutes can help!

"In hydrotherapy, a hot Epsom Salts Bath is called a Cleansing Bath because it assists in speeding the removal of waste products from the soft tissues and cleanses the tissues of these irritants. It is a rather simple process, whereby the Epsom Salts make the water hypertonic - that is to say, there is a greater concentration of solute in the bath water than in your body. When you soak in this bath, it has the effect of drawing the waste products out of your tissues - it speeds the removal of irritating waste products from your body. Essentially, it makes you sweat , and sweating is one of the main ways the body gets rid of waste products."

Read more.

Just remember, our intentions hold more power than anything and cementing our intentions with some type of action or ritual is very powerful regardless of your spirituality or belief system! All the best for starting 2013 with more light and peace. Happy 2013!

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