Friday, January 4, 2013

Feeling sexually blah? It's time to stimulate the sacral chakra

Often times, clients come to be (particularly moms) without any ability to connect with their lower abdominals. When an area of our body feels dormant or hard to connect with, this can sometimes mean that that corresponding chakra needs some energy brought into the area. The sacral chakra is about feeling and sexuality and is located right around the lower abs. Visit this site to read more.

Any exercise that helps stimulate the lower abs can be a great way to bring your sexuality back to life and bring new energy into the area, clearing out stagnation.

There are some go to exercises I love for getting these muscle fibres more alive.

To get your started, I'm going to suggest the towel squeeze tail bone lift exercise. Many people who haven't been able to fire these lower tummy muscle fibres find this fool proof! I've had people swear they haven't been able to feel this area work in any exercises or with lots of coaching in the past and finally feel their lower tummies alive again.

How to:

Lie on your back with a yoga block or roll up hand towel between your inner thighs. With slightly bent knees and soles of feet towards the ceiling and toes flexed, squeeze the towel and engage your pelvic floor by doing a constant kegel.

place your hands behind your head and elbow wide like a wooden coat hanger then exhale and lift your tailbone ever so slightly. Hold the towel squeeze and the kegel and hold the tail bone lift while bringing your mind's eye to your lower tummy. See if you can use Jedi like mind power to get the lower tummy muscle fibres to fire. Hold for 10 seconds while shrinking your lower tummy into your spine kind of like you're trying to juice a grapefuit into the size of a lemon. Release and repeat 6-8 times. To make this harder, lift you shoulders off the ground looking towards your toes keeping the elbows wide.

If you can, repeat this exercise daily and you will find it easier and easier to find fire the lower tummy.

See what happens to your connection to this area of your body and the increased energy in your sacral chakra. You might start to feel your sexuality come to life again along with a tighter lower tummy.

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