Friday, November 20, 2009


What do all of you think about the current state of our bodies these days. As a growing number of people become overweight and obese and people move less and less, it's quite easy for me to picture the majority of the human race as a big sack of meat, inert, plugged into a computer, in a hovering chair eating highly processed space aged food. Hmmm....this is starting to look at lot like the future in Wall-e.

I hate to be a pessimist but I also hate to sugar coat the cold hard truth just as much.
When are people going to get off their arss and do something about feeling like crapola?

I'm feeling a little blah this week...not nearly as bad as many people might feel. And I HATE it. Yuck. I would hate to see what I might become if I felt this blah for more than a week much less a decade.

Maybe some of you community bloggers and share a story of transformation. Like what changed for you when you got off your butts and left them behind. How did getting your bod' in shape change the rest of your life.


Love ya,

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  1. Hi Jane ++

    Getting into shape (and changing my shape) has made getting older easier to deal with. I am 45 and after years of being able to eat whatever and whenever, and never having to exercise, everything was suddenly catching up with me and I was feeling sluggish, flabby, weak and depressed. Now that I am gaining control over my body through the exercise and watching what I eat, life has improved. I feel and look a lot better and when you are getting older, feeling healthier means a lot.

    A friend of mine in her 40's recently told me that she knows quite a few people who are much more fit in their 40's and 50's ++ than they ever were in their 20's and 30's.I think that's me. The benefit of being able to run and move and build muscle is so amazing that even though I am pushing 50 soon, I am really pushing it away. That's huge psychologically.

    Thanks go to A.R and K. W. and of course, Jane.