Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wall squat survivor challenge

After running five flights of stairs (5 stories up and down = one time around) the eight participants of today's Urban Warrior Workout competed in a wall squat challenge to see who would be the last person squatting. Joc was hungover so stepped out of the competition but could've easily stuck it out under better circumstances. The other 5 people including Shelby, Kim, Christine, Helgi, and Taren gave it their best shot.

But in the end, Silvie and Jaimie were left head to head, each one not backing down as their quads burned and people watched in amazement.

The reward challenge gave the winner a I heart to sweat canteen. They figured out how to work the system and colluded to create a tie. Each of them walked away today with a canteen.

Congratulations you urban warrior women.

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