Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review of 650 lb virgin on TLC

It seems that we just can't get enough of weight loss shows. As a society we love to talk about losing weight plus we love to sit on our butts and watch other people talk about their own weight loss.
It's pretty weird given the fact that so many people in the world struggle to get enough food and water for their babies let alone themselves.
So when I watch yet another weight loss show I approach it with skepticism.
The new show on tlc "650 lbs virgin" is painful to watch. Amazing that this young man lost 400 lbs. Holy crap!!!! And if he can inspire others to lose weight too even better. I had to tune in and check out the show because its concept is new and it had the potential to be really special and great entertainment. But the reality show scripting and scene set ups are so freakin obvious and reminiscent of the videos I used to shoot on my parents beta cam when I was 10. Most people know reality tv is scripted to some extent but this show is so transparent I had to turn it off. The most successful reality tv stars are charismatic, a little melodramatic and often great at acting.
The 650 lb virgin seems like a really nice normal guy. Not a reality tv star.
They don't have enough interesting footage to fill an hour. To fill time they keep going back to images of him at 650 lbs half naked barely able to get through doors.I lost count.
His weight loss approach was bang on. Love it! Great messaging there.
But in short its just not a great show with the elements that make reality tv engaging.

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