Friday, January 15, 2010

Watch Gary Vaynerchuk for a kick in the pants

I was talking to a client today about how some people hustle to make things happen in their lives and people who sit back and think about making their lives better.

What's the difference between the person who hustles (i.e. answers potential sales inquiries right away, is fast at delivering their services, works hard at something they love, exceeds customer/client expectations, takes risks by starting projects that might not provide return, and actively tries to make their lives better)? Is it a characteristic we are born with? A drive to build a business and sacrifice lifestyle in the short term?

I could tell you a story about me 3 years ago. I didn't have enough money to pay rent. I had just opened a business. I lived with a friend in a tiny apartment for three months with only a few boxes as my belongings. Every day I made myself build my business despite a huge amount of struggle in my personal life. I just focused on doing better than my best every day. For quite a long time I was up until midnight after my daughter went to bed trying to find whatever way I could to promote myself and my business. It was either that or fail. Nothing just came to me. And thank goodness for my clients who helped spread the word. Along the way I made some not so great business decisions that luckily I was able to recover from and learn from.

It's only now that I have the luxury of scheduling my days so that I can drop off and pick up at school and take a thursday night off all to myself to do whatever I want.

Now I can pay a mortgage, carry the overhead of a small business and plan vacations for my daughter and me. I'm not rich by any means. There's still some nail biting some months. But I'm still standing 3 years later and feel I have a clear idea of my brand image and my business core values. And I'm proud of what I stand for. And there is no division between my personal values and the way I run my business. My personal brand IS my business brand.

I came across Gary Vaynerchuk on twitter and I like him. Since I'm in the life balance business I don't totally agree with working ALL the time like he suggests but I love that he tells people to stop doing what they hate and sacrifice

This guy Gary Vaynerchuk spoke to me in this presentation.


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