Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quest for the best Take Out Thai

Last night I'm sorry to say I tried Flip Toss and Thai on Harbord. I was routing for this restaurant because it's cheap and the people were so nice. I went on a recommendation from Shelby. Maybe I got them on an off night. But man oh man. It was the most bland thai food I've ever eaten. And the peanut sauce was like watered down peanut butter with a dash of vinegar.

Then Azeema sent me a link to her fave thai. This one I will try next. It's partly because Andrei is always asking for shrimp cold rolls. Who would've guessed this would be his food obsession.

So next up we will try Sukho Thai.

Anyone else out there have any fave Thai places in Toronto? Fire away and post 'em.

And if anyone is wondering if you can eat healthily at thai restaurants the answer is yes!
Just go easy on the rice (half cup is a full serving) and stay away from the fried spring rolls. It's all about enjoying yummy food but not stuffing yourself to the brim. And of course make sure you order at least one dish packed with veggies. When loading your thai plate up, leave one quarter or less for rice, half for mostly veggies and the rest protein (even saucy curry is ok if you don't go loca!).


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