Monday, December 21, 2009

No exercise for 7 days!!! OMG

I just got back from Mexico tonight and decided to take a full week off of exercise. Might seem like no biggie to some of you. To me it's a big deal. I need a break from the inside of gyms. Instead I likely gained about 5 pounds and didn't slip into any runners and instead slid up to buffets and the surf.

We all have things that we need a break from. For me it's a break from any work related activities. Plus taking a full week off of exercise can help our bodies recharge replenish and get ready for a whole new level of effortful exercise.

It's the very first time I haven't done any exercise while on vacation. The first couple days I was just itching to do some planks. By the end of the week, I get the numerous benefits of active rest (i.e. I still went for walks and swam etc.).

So rest assured, I am not one of those fitness people who do triathalons for fun while on vacation. I can lounge with the best of 'em!

Love Jane

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  1. Welcome back Jane! Glad to hear you're human and took a week off from everything and just focused on being super fantastic.