Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rostin Cake Co by Ava Roth

Ava is one of my oldest (in length of time training not age) clients and an incredible artist.
She just launched Rostin Cake Company and creates individual works of art and "hard to believe they are just cakes" cakes. And on top of the beauty and creativity they exude, Ava has ensured that taste and decadence don't take a back seat.

Check out this gallery of cakes and be blown away.

The newest edition is the King Tut very timely given the AGO King Tut exhibit.

These cakes make me want to meet whoever ordered these masterpieces. Only interesting people must be this plugged into culture to ask for art cakes like this.

I know that Ava approaches each cake like a commissioned piece of art. And she takes the cake over the Cake Boss' over done, likely stale and often gaudy creations..

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