Thursday, July 28, 2011

40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes

I love finding ways to pick up my spirits in a quick way, especially when I'm not feeling totally myself and I've got a client about to walk through the door. Or I've had a crummy day and I'm about to pick up my daughter. I do believe 100% for taking responsibility for our emotional state of being. We all need a tool kit to access for attitude adjustments or a refocus to get us out of feeling sorry for ourselves. Plus finding things that help us keep our chin up leads us away from unhealthy coping mechanisms which will only lead us further and further away from making the most out of the precious lives we are given.

I found this short and sweet 2 minute pick me up. Yes, it's brought to us by Hollywood but it also made me remember all those great movies that have brought me so much enjoyment.

Take a peek!

It's like a 2 minute motivational workout for our attitude!

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