Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fitness Trend Alert: Sandbag Training for a Total Body Transformation

Here's a teaser of my most recent column on iVillage Canada!

Just an FYI I totally geeked out on sandbags for this one. Was up late researching and digging around for the latest and greatest exercises. The ones in the article I chose are good starters and pretty simple to do. Just remember to stay on top of your spinal alignment and posture and don't let your shoulders roll in. Most of all have fun and feel the sweat drip off you!!!

Sandbag training has been taking the fitness industry by storm after being featured on The Biggest Loser and Losing it with Jillian Michaels and has made its way into celebrity workouts like LL Cool J, Courtney Cox, Julianne Moore, and Sean "Puffy" Combs.

The truth is that sandbags have been around for hundreds of years as an integral training tool for athletes of all cultures because they’re inexpensive and versatile.

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If you want to see a great video example of a sandbag workout, check out Rachel Cosgrove's Famous Sparatus Workout.

Or check out Josh Henkin's workout below. He's the dude who makes the best sandbags on the market. There's a link to his site in my iVillage Column.

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