Monday, July 25, 2011

Melt Your Muffin Top: Tried and True Tips for Shrinking The Bulge

My most recent column at iVillage Canada is all about the muffin top. I give away the tips I share with my individual high paying clients with everyone in the categories of fitness, food and fashion. Take a peek!

Here's the full article.

My favourite muffin top exercise is the plank rotation, a sure fire way to ring out our middles and create a nice tight mid-section. Visit iVillage Canada for the description of the exercise.

But remember, muffin top shrinking is multi faceted. Make sure you start with looking at your holistic lifestyle in an honest way, blinders off, denial off to the side. And if you think I naturally don't have to work at not having a muffin top, I'd love to show you a picture of myself 10 years ago after 2 years of lack of exercise and over indulgence. I speak from experience. That was the last time in my life I ever want to feel that way!

By the way, these pics were taken in my bros back yard in Victoria on a golf course.

I already miss all the green space!

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  1. nice work out and something which brings some strength to the arms.