Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How I gained 5 pounds in a month

A few weeks ago I had my annual physical. I've been feeling a little burnt out. Six years into running a business, working in a very physical occupation and working insane hours, being a mama, trying to have interests and hobbies leaves a nearly 40 year old feeling a little worn around the edges and depleted!

My lovely doctor told me to gain 5 lbs of body fat. I've been used to being pretty lean since having my daughter. Gaining weight, especially non-muscular weight has been fun and little scary. Being thin has made me feel in control (not a super balanced way of managing stress), has helped me sublimate the lack of control I have in other parts of my life. I always feel like I have a little wiggle room for decadent meals when I'm thin. I also lose my appetite when I'm stressed unlike many of my dear clients.

I've taken my ability to moderate my food and my commitment to exercise and turned it into a living. Many people think it's all about genetics. But it's really about not sitting on my butt all day for a living and being conscious of portion sizes and staying somewhat vigilant on an ongoing basis.

In trying to gain weight, I've had to break many of my eating 'rules' and have reflected on the fact that the things I've done to gain a few pounds are the inverse choices that help people lose a few pounds. So I thought I'd share what I've done to gain weight, in a healthy way without eating tonnes of junk. Most people who come to me for weight loss say "But I eat pretty healthy?" and resist the fact that they might be over eating. Even healthy food has calories people. ;) In the last month, I've eaten well and I've gained weight so the same would apply to anyone else.

If you're trying to lose 5 pounds, logically do the opposite of what I've been doing. There is no big secret to weight gain or weight loss. It's really just about moment to moment choices either towards moderation or indulgence.

Here goes:

1) I've been eating more than fills me up to try to stretch my stomach out. I eat a little past satiation and have been going into minor food comas especially at dinner.

2) I've been eating snacks when I'm not hungry. I've been trying not to let hunger set in.

3) I've been eating more than one serving of starch at a meal.

4) I've been drinking more juice, milk and wine.

5) I eat snacks later at night even if I'm not hungry.

6) I've been eating more pasta and potatoes.

7) I go back for seconds at dinner.

8) I pick food of my daughter's plate when she won't finish it.

Pretty simple. Most of these things I'll be stopping soon. I don't want to have to buy new jeans etc!!!

But with the extra nutrients in my body, I'm definitely feeling a bit more energetic. And letting myself gain a bit of weight is a big step for me, believe it or not. One of the reasons I coach my clients towards balanced thinking around food is because of my past history as a young adult with what could have manifested as a serious eating and exercise disorder. I know what it's like to have way too much psychic space taken up by obsession with food.

I've found a balance for me that I constantly have to tinker with. I'm not thin by accident and most people who are can attest to the same thing. Now I'm off to go eat again. Feel free to drop off any yummy food to help me on my quest! LOL.

If you have any advice for me to help me gain a bit more healthy weight, let me know below!


  1. It's so important for women to share the truth about what it takes to be fit like you. Thanks for sharing. I also love how you talk about the idea of eating when hungry/not and to satiety or past. We SO don't listen to our bodies enough. I'm really trying to tune in these days and I'm surprised by what it's telling me. It's exciting...

  2. The absolute truth is that obesity is largely a function of how tuned out most people are, even I are dissociative from ourselves. Our bodies are constantly sending us messages about what we need whether it be sleep or some greens or a workout. The more we learn to listen, the easier it is to keep weight off. I'm not perfect and have my own work to do in raising my consciousness but it is a core mission of mine. To live more awake.