Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Which fitness trends are out of fashion?

If we take a look back into fitness history, we will see that trends run cyclically. What might have been considered the best fitness activity today could have very well spent its time in the limelight 50 years ago. But what about a shorter cycle of time like 10 years? How far have we come in last decade in terms of what’s hot and what’s not?

Here's a link to my most recent iVillage Canada article.

And remember, there are no new ideas around fitness, merely recycled and slightly modernized fads or trends. Ultimately, fitness should be used to improve health and accelerate healing. Any fitness activities that take us away from this core value are ones that don't get my approval. Plus, my many years in the fitness industry have made me savvy to all the fancy expensive 'new' toys people are trying to hawk. Yes, some are very useful like the awesome sand bag I bought last year but most are just plain gimmicky. We actually don't need anything other than our own bodies as a tool for training.

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