Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun stuff to do in T.O. this summer for MOJO repair

Ever feel like you're playing adult? I do. I think that's a good thing. I am a bigger goof than my six year old and know I only have a short time that I'll be allowed to act like a goof in public so I intend to make the most of this precious time while I can. Or maybe you feel like you just get stuck in a routine of going to the same places and defer to the same activities in your free time. A recipe for stagnation folks.

So I researched this partly for myself so that I find new ways to play during my favourite time of year in my favourite city.
These are some things that sound interesting to me and maybe to you as well.

1) Stargaze at York University's Observatory

Haven't done this in years. I always find star gazing a great perspective building experience.

Choose a clear night, gaze into outer space and receive a quick astronomy lesson from top experts. York University offers free public stargazing activities on Wednesday nights -- 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. from May to August. Guests are encouraged to bring their own camera and snap photos of the stars.

2) Lie face down on the glass floor at the CN Tower

It's time to go back and do it again. The adrenaline rush will be worth it alone.

It looks scary but this two-and-a-half inch thick glass floor can withstand the weight of 14 large hippos. However, looking face down at a 1,122 ft. drop is bound to give you a few butterflies.

3) Wednesday nights at the Art Gallery of Ontario

I love the tree within a tree hall. I could sit in this amazing alone for an hour.

Housing over 36,000 works of art in its collection, the AGO is an excellent gallery worth visiting. You can do so for free every Wednesday evening between six and nine o’clock pm, when the museum drops its admission fee for the night.

4) Flying Trapeze

Once I had a super hero trapeze birthday party. I dressed up like wonder woman, who else would I choose. That was a long time ago...I want to fly again.

Toronto School of Circus Arts is one of few schools in Canada to offer it. Flying Trapeze involves taking off from a pedestal board, swinging out on a “fly bar”, performing a trick in mid air, being caught by a professional catcher, returning back to the bar, and then returning back to the board. Flying Trapeze is performed at the Toronto School of Circus Arts with safety in mind; students are harnessed into a safety line, and a safety net is always present beneath the Flying Trapeze.

5) Ontario Place

I can have fun here for sure. I might even bring my monkey with me ;)

This unique amusement park (owned by the Province of Ontario) has summer fun on interconnected artificial islands: a giant "outdoor soft play climbing structure"; foam-ball play zone; drop tower, super slide, and other rides; pedal boats; mini-golf; IMAX; outdoor concerts; even helicopter rides. Lots of pricing options: grounds admission only, Pay-As-You-Play; Play all Day; family price... Ontario Place has also been the venue of a Chinese Lantern Festival, in fall.

6) Hippo tours

This one sounds so funny and I know my monkey will love love love this. I've never been on an amphibious boat so what the hey!

A Hippo is a unique 40 passenger vessel that offers land and water tours of Toronto. Come splash into Lake Ontario on our Bus that Floats!. Experience one of Canada's most beautiful cities with all its historical sites and its magnificent waterways.
(416) 703-4476 or Toll Free (877) 635-5510.

7) Romeo and Juliet in High Park

I've been waiting for a play that my monkey could handle and it came this year.

This year the Canadian Stage TD Dream in High Park 2010 presents Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare's timeless tale of star-crossed lovers and feuding families directed by Dora Award-winner Vikki Anderson.
Dates: June 25 – September 5, 2010
Time: Tuesday – Sunday, 8pm (Gate opens at 6pm)
Venue: High Park Amphitheatre

8) Free concerts at Harbourfront

Anyone not taking advantage of this amazing Toronto offering is nuts nuts nuts. I saw amazing FREE shows last year in a beautiful venue by the water.

9) Outdoor movies in Toronto

Who doesn't like sitting outside and watching a movie. Well I think there's something kind of romantic about the whole thing.

If you've got any favourite playful Toronto summer activities post away!

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