Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blast from the past - funny workout videos

Oh my God. I started doing classes in the late 80s. I was around for much of what you're going to see below. I had the body suit that went up my but and that matching stretch belt, plus the leg warmers. Can you say 'hot'? My how times have changed. If you want a good chuckle and need to lighten up a bit, watch these videos! LOL fo sho.

First we've got Jazzercize. This woman is freakin' hilarious! Classic quote from vid 'Don't you know how to get loose by now"

Then we've got the classic Jane Fonda video. Got to love the spandex.

The the semi-pornographic 20 minute workout. I'm sure these women provided loads of entertainment for suburban repressed males.

This one is Billy Banks Taebo. Check out the outfit that exposes his nipples. Yum.

Adorable Richard Simmons. Could he be credited for this whole group fitness thing? Love the remix of "Walk it out". Check it out.

Last but not least we've got the early pole dancing video. WTF? Are they working out here?

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