Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nutritional Intervention at Urban Warrior and brutal TABATA

Tonight 14 Urban Warriors were surprised to arrive to find out we wouldn't be doing our normal class format but instead had Kyle Byron there to talk to us all about nutrition.

Visible changes in our bodies really need to come through modified nutritional habits and Kyle spent about 45 minutes giving us a little intro into his system.

80% of body composition changes (i.e. fat loss) comes from changing our food intake. Seems obvious but not everyone wants to hear this. So I set up a scenario where people had to listen. Not passively listening to the drum of my voice that is easy to tune out after you've heard it for too long (kidding, sort of). Hopefully some of his advice sunk in. After all, when people notice changes in us, it reinforces our commitment to our chosen path of transformation. Might seem shallow but it's just the way it works.

Then I had to pack in something that would make the group remember me tomorrow so we did 4 brutal Tabata sets. So sorry to everyone including Kyle for putting you through that torture.
Tabata sets are 4 minutes long: 20 seconds full out effort with 10 seconds 8 times total

This is what we did:

Tabata set #1
Firehydrant mountain climbers

Tabata set #2
A move I saw on an infommercial that's hard to describe. I'm not afraid to rip off moves from whatever source if they're good. A sort of reverse lung runner's stride up into a one legged jump. We did, or rather they did this for the full four minutes. Brutal.

Tabata set #3
A break dance type side plank twist (again hard to describe but awesome!)
Sumo squat jump

Tabata set #4
Split squat switches

And then with just 16 minutes of actual work, everyone in the room was grunting and DONE. Love it.

Because Urban Warrior is splitting at the seams, we've added another night. Sara-Clare will be offering a Tuesday night outdoor Urban Warrior 6:30 - 7:45 starting April 20th. Contact me to sign up for 6 sessions for $210. Of course, this additional Urban Warrior Team Training time is included with ALL U CAN SWEAT memberships.

If you've never done Urban Warrior, the first session is on me. Just let me know.

Ciao for now,

Jane Clapp

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