Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marisa Tomei's New Workout DVD

On my regular morning scour through new health and fitness info, I came across a Globe and Mail article "How Marisa Tomei got her smoking hot bod"

She's a former dancer and as far as I can remember, she's always had a smokin' hot bod. Do any of you remember her never looking great? Name a film where she was flabby.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are or have been dancers, not the exotic kind, the legit kind. They are merely in a constant state of maintenance of what has always been and will always be compact, muscular bodies. So when a celebrity comes out with a workout DVD hawking a method they claim to have gotten them their hot bod', I think when did this so called makeover happen?

Think about all the celeb workout DVDs where smokin hot celebs claim this new workout method or regimen has been the 'thing' that has gotten them what has always been six pack abs or 'toned' arms. I would be more likely to buy a workout DVD from a once obese celeb that has been able to turn their body around with a new method or celeb savvy trainer. Think about it for a second. Where's the so called magical transformation?

Always, it's better to do something than nothing and anyone who starts any kind of workout regimen is going to see results in the short term.

The DVD opens with an explanation from Ms. Tomei and Key Son, her New York trainer. The routine “moulds and sculpts the body, improves the cardiovascular system, decreases body fat and strengthens the core,” Mr. Son says. Best of all, she joins in: “No weights!” Instead, they use a resistance loop to add challenge to the circuit training.

AH!!! I'm going to lose it if one more celeb is anti weights. OMG!

"The workout itself is divided into three parts: body definition, best legs and 10 moves in 10. But the most appealing aspect is that they're not talking to us but doing their own thing. The viewer is like a voyeur to Ms. Tomei's personal training session."

Where's the progression here? How does this system allow for continual progression and improvement?
Hello plateau within a few weeks.

“I certainly know I'm not a trainer,” the Oscar-winning actress says later in a phone interview from L.A. “I'm not the one with the knowledge and so thought I would be the guinea pig and ask questions.”

No Marisa. You're the one bank rolling this or at least on the books so you benefit from sales.

"Speaking of toes, she's barefoot the entire time. “I always have my shoes off in the house anyway,” she tells me. “But then Key mentioned it's good for balance and the muscles in the feet and it burns more calories.”

What? Being barefoot burns more calories? Show me the science please. Yes there's benefits to barefoot training but this ain't one of them and if it's true it's marginal.

So use some logic when it comes to investing in new workout stuff. Stop, think and then spend.

And for goodness sakes, start lifting some weights!

Jane Clapp


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  3. I agree with you that stars like Marisa have always been hot, but that doesn't mean they don't do workouts like this to keep being hot! That takes a lot of discipline, I'm a professional dancer, and after giving birth to 2 beautiful babies I used this DVD to help me get back in shape, besides practicing my dancing and it worked for me.
    What I like is that is short and effective! Taking care of 2 babies leaves me very short of time, I've read in fitness magazines that resistance training delivers similar results to weight training.
    I'm the living proof this dvd works

  4. Good review, but snarky as well. Feels like there's an underlying jealousy of some king.

    1. oops I mean *kind*

    2. Agreed. If you've actually tried this workout, it's actually quite effective. Maybe you should actually test the product before passing a shallow, judgmental review. Of course, weights have a crucial place in body sculpting, but so does variation. Good luck with your blog.

  5. i have enjoyed this video for years...i take the resistance loop to work so i can do the exercises when noone is around...that being said...weights are good...but then again i just like doing weights...but i don't carry weights with me in my purse on public transport to and from work...but a resistance loop is VERY light weight.