Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Human Facebook project

Some of you may have heard by now about Steve Ladurantaye's (Globe and Mail reporter) social experimentation "The Human Facebook Project".

It's been up and running and evolving for the last few months. He's interfacing facebook with blogging, humanizing the template profile world of facebook and letting people use the blogging platform on a one off basis. It really takes community driven blogging to another level and he and I have been having a bit of dialogue about it. The interesting part is that I have my own interpretation of what the Human Facebook Project is all about. Maybe I'm projecting my own beliefs and issues with social networking?

A few days ago, he asked me a few questions on a facebook chat and this is the result in his post. It is a collaborative social experiment as he likes to put it that is interesting to watch unfold.

The title of his post about me is: Get Fit Dough Boy and here's the intro:

I met Jane when working on a story about her fitness business. I wrote that she was exhausting to speak to, and kind of left it at that. A few years later, talking to her again, she brought it up and I’ve felt a little guilty ever since.

So I’m not going to mention that this time. Instead, we talked about exercise, since she’s a personal trainer.

What follows are my answers to five questions. And for the record Steve, starting an article with "Jane Clapp is utterly exhausting to speak to for more than two minutes" is unforgivable. But I forgive you.

Stay posted as Steve starts to open up this platform to new avenues of self expression.


  1. Interesting to see where this will go.
    And if speaking with passion and enthusiasm about the world around them is exhausting, then indeed, Jane is exhausting. Just try one of her workouts Steve!

  2. Thanks Meredyth!!! So far, Steve has been too 'busy' to come for a workout. hmmm.

  3. I wondered why he was so bold - get your butt over to Urbanfitt Steve. But actually Jane you do talk lots - lots of good stuff!!

  4. Yes yes. I talk lots and lots and most people can't keep up with me really. At least most men. But you know how it is too Amanda!

  5. See Jane, Amanda is clearly agreeing with me. And I'm not too "busy," I'm just focused on training for this little marathon and figure you'll yell at me for not stretching etc...