Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogs I love that will help keep you inspired and on track

Why Not Try Everything Blog is a great place to go when you're looking for a new fitness or health related experience in T.O to get you out of your comfort. What I like is that she's visiting places I would like to try or places I've been. Her reviews are totally honest and in-depth.

This is what she says about her decision to create this blog.

2010 marks my 30th year in life. To commemorate it, to subdue my boredom for a too-long tiring and predictable workout routine and to fulfill my quest of following through with fun new activities I find myself constantly thinking I should try, I am starting this blog. Here I will document first visits to every kind of exercise facility across the city of TORONTO (yoga, spinning, hula-hooping, high trapeze, pilates, sailing, boxing and trampolineing) and give frank commentary on how it all went. I encourage you to (1) subscribe to my blog as it will actually serve as a tool to prevent me from skipping a week here and there, (2) providing commentary on my entries, and (3) letting me know if you want to join me on my next jaunt. After all, "why not try everything"?

I wish I had the time to go on adventures like her! So fun. I find I constantly have to stay inspired in what I do. And having great sources to go to that keep me up to date on what's going on in the city, stuff I might like, is awesome.

Another great blog created by a friend of mine, Amanda (definitely a foxy burd with energy rare in this world!) is titled Fitness Fun Nutrition. I get great ideas for new exercises from her and definitely some chuckles. One of my faves is the flying squirrel push up video she found. OMG. She's a force of nature that will definitely help keep you inspired!

Last but not least, a new blog I came across because of Amanda is titled Health Habits. . This guy has got it going on. I love his training philosophy and his focus on structural balance.

You've got to use whatever resources are out there to keep you on track and inspired. The above three are my faves right now because they all have a high level of integrity which is a must in this world of fast food fitness.

Have a good weekend! Off to go teach Urban Warrior Boot Camp.

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  1. And in return, you also inspire me!! Thanks for the thumbs up!