Monday, March 29, 2010

Fad Diet comparison chart by Zonya

One of my clients told me about Zonya Foco, a woman who seems really successful in helping people let go of dieting as a means for weight loss. Like we all didn't know that already yet people can't stop their compulsion to look for the perfect diet for 'their bodies'.

It's so simple it hurts sometimes when people come to me perplexed about their issues with weight loss. This doesn't stop at work. People who I know who are having a hard time losing weight talk to me too. If I followed everyone around for a day it would become so obvious why the surperfluous weight was sticking around.

The solution isn't in another diet or a trendy cleanse. ARgh!!

I visited Zonya Foco's website. She's got it going on and has loads of resources on her site.

But what I loved most is what I'm writing about today.
She's put together a chart comparing popular/fad diets (i.e. all the diets that aren't working in the long term) and goes through the pros and cons.
It's under the health section of her site.

My favourite expression is "weight loss isn't rocket science". There's no secret about weight loss you need to go on a mining expedition to find. Smart eating is pretty simple. So Zonya is yet another resource to get you off of extreme diets and eating behaviours.

Jane Clapp

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